• Application

    Find your team:

    • Match your skills and interests to the team you belong to and the challenge you want to get.

    Your resume is as important as well as your introduction letter:

    • They are the first pieces of information we’ll see about you, so highlight your achievements.
    • Match your experience and skills with the job description.
    • Mention projects you’ve worked on or managed as well as any leadership role and team size
    • Play in advance and show us more about your experience: send us your portfolio, code samples, non-confidential documents or whatever can help us during the hiring process.

    Reading applications

    • If our teams find a potential match, they’ll schedule a call and then a meeting to learn more about your skills and experience.
    • Prepare your questions because this will be your opportunity to learn more about the role and our chance to hear more about you.
  • Meetings

    How it works

    • Let’s meet
      In our hiring process there are two types of meeting: the first is a call and the second is a face to face meeting in Develon. You will have the chance to demonstrate yourself as we need to understand your skills and areas of expertise, including tools or programming languages and general knowledge.
      So be prepared to talk through your personal experience and background in depth.
    • Let’s try out
      For some roles we might require a practical session or workshop with a REAL brief and the REAL team in order to understand better your skills and your teamwork abilites. Your future collegues will play an important role in the final decision.

The hiring process

Transparency is one of our core value: our application process is thought to let you feel confident to show us your best. We want to be amazed!
Become a Develon Group colleague in three clear steps.

  • Decision

    • After your interviews are done, our HR Manager and the team made up of Develon colleagues at various levels will have the final review your candidate profile.
      You get your offer and evaluate it. It’s up to you.
      At Develon group we’ve all gone through the same hiring process and therefore we have already started to know each other.
      There is only one thing left to say: welcome aboard!