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Hospitality data intelligence
Drive to store app for pharmacies
The fulfilling experience platforms

Every day more than 130.000 people download and use our products to interact with our clients’ businesses.

  • A platform for collaborative benchmarking and advanced data intelligence across the tourism industry. Hotels, campsites and village managers can compare their performance to other local players and forecast revenues, occupancy and a large set of other business KPIs.

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  • PharmAround is the omnichannel platform that helps pharmacies promote their services and make them bookable online, without the hassle of manual management, phonecalls and reservations.

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  • Domnia is leveraging the Develon Group’s extensive experience with the aim of providing an innovative approach to the sale of entry tickets, appointment booking and consulting services. Domnia’s premium platforms, dTicketing and Book2day, provide all of the tools required to better manage the visitor experience and enhance the offer by maximizing on all business opportunities.

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  • Veneto Sviluppo Spa is the Veneto financial company that implements the regional authority economic planning lines. Since 2013, Veneto Sviluppo participates for a minority share in Develon Srl's capital: investments like these are aimed at supporting the entrepreneurial network in the Veneto region and sustaining this market segment's projects and ambitions.

  • ICCREA Bank has a minority share in HBenchmark’s capital. With a wide and personalized system of financial products, services and business strategies in support of local customers, Iccrea Banca oversees and manages banking, financial and service activities of BCC mutual banks. ICCREA is also the driving force behind the InTour project (which stands for Innovative Tourism), a platform to interconnect destinations, hotels and clients in which HBenchmark is the backbone for Data Intelligence services and real time touristic performance analysis.

  • Viprof is a private distributor company for homeopathic, natural, phytotherapeutic products and food supplements.
    With worth 12,000 client pharmacies, it is PharmAround's strategic partner to bridge pharmacies towards the new paradigm of “pharmacy of services"